Doodle Traffic X Craftamo


Introducing the limited edition Doodle Traffic X Craftamo 7-Piece Brush Set, specifically designed for watercolour and gouache painting.

What Makes This Brush Set Special?

This brush set is not only exceptional in terms of quality, but it's also eco-friendly and cruelty-free. The taklon brush hair is made from synthetic fibers that are gentle on the environment and free from animal testing. The recycled ferrules add an extra layer of sustainability, making this brush set a great choice for artists who care about the planet.

The Brush Set Includes:

The Doodle Traffic X Craftamo 7-Piece Brush Set 

Gabriella Niko, Freelance Illustrator from Poland

The Doodle Traffic X Craftamo limited edition artist brush collaboration delivers seven of Gaby's most loved brush shapes & sizes, beautifully presented within a Doodle Traffic original gift box.

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Doodle Traffic X Craftamo


Watch the unboxing video below for more information.


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