So you’re an artist right?

Talented, creative and putting in many, many hours of work doing what you love the most, creating art! On top of that, you’re also posting your work to Social Media, maybe Instagram, Facebook & TikTok... but now what?

What is your ultimate aim with your art? Well, let us answer that for you.


We know you love art, but we all need to pay the bills at some point, and whilst there’s many different ways you can make money through your artwork & social media presence, one of the very best ways to do this is via Affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a very fast & easy way to start generating income online by promoting the products that you know & love for the brands you care about. Craftamo gives you the opportunity to earn 10% commission on all sales you send our way, simply by recommending the products you love, to your friends & followers.


We supply you with a unique 10% discount code, specifically for you & your followers to use! When you send your friends, family or followers to our store, they add their items to cart, and check out using the discount code you provided them with.

They are overjoyed because you just saved them 10%, thanks to your discount code.

You are thrilled because you just got 10% of their purchase price! So if they spent $50, you’ll earn $5.00. If they spend $80? You earn $8.00, and so on. It’s a fantastic way to earn money, and the commissions soon start to add up.

Look at these examples: -

  • Make 1 sale per week of $50 = $5 per week / $20 per month in your pocket
  • Make 3 sales per week of $50 = $15 per week / $60 per month in your pocket
  • Make 1 sale per day of $50 = $35 per week / $140 per month in your pocket
  • Make 2 sales per day of $50 = $70 per week / $280 per month in your pocket

It really does add up.



People are actively looking to purchase art products right now - they want to buy, and specifically, they want to buy quality products that are highly recommended. 

That’s why when you promote a product that you love & trust, your friends are much more likely to purchase based on your recommendation. 

So the next time you post a painting with a Craftamo product in shot, mention your discount code in your bio and tag us @craftamo.

Next time you share to your Instagram story, do the same.


Face-to-Camera Video:

This is a great way to introduce any kind of promotion, by touching base with your followers, face to face. People love people, so building trust via a face-to-camera video is a great way to recommend a product. You can directly explain the promotion, tell them that you’re excited to be teaming up with Craftamo, and to have the ability to provide them with an exclusive 10% discount for them to use!


View this post on Instagram

👀 Watch Serena from @cactuscloudsart show you our OG Art Brush set 😍 15 Art Brushes in a canvas pop up carry case! The perfect set for watercolour, but they’re also multi-media, so good for acrylic & goache too! ➡️ Link in Bio to check these out 😊😍 ▫️ ▫️ ———————— ➡️ Follow @Craftamo for creative art tips & cruelty free art supplies! 🎨 ———————— ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #arttips #arthacks #creativity #watercolour #artbrushes #artistbrushes #paintbrushes #acrylicbrushes #detailbrushes #linerbrushes #crueltyfreebrushes #painting #motivations #watercoloring #artist #creativityonline #craftamo #crueltyfree #artsupplies #craftamoart #artquote #artadvice #ecoart #artbrushes #veganbrushes #veganart #veganartist #artmaterials #artistpencils #watercolorart

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Unboxing Video:

Unboxing videos are a great way to physically show your audience the products that you’re talking about. They can get a perfect idea of the size, look, and quality simply by watching and listening to you unpack the products.



Tutorial Videos:

Another excellent way to promote without selling is by creating tutorial videos of a particular painting, drawing or art technique. You can showcase your style, and how you use your Craftamo products to achieve exactly what you want to achieve. This allows your audience to see the product in action, which is the best way to demonstrate the ability of the product. 

You can showcase how much water a brush holds, how it picks up pigment, how to apply the paint to the paper or canvas, and how well it retains its shape. This is exactly what your followers are looking for before purchasing a new paint brush - how it performs.

So can you see how every piece of art you create can be a money making opportunity for you.

Include the discount in your bio:

This is a simple way to have your code permanently displayed, and takes zero effort at all. Check out what @villainous_jess has done below! When someone comes across her profile, they have a discount code waiting for them!  Extra-exposure, zero effort.


Include it every post bio:

Again, this is a super simple way to tell more about about your exclusive discount code, and make more sales. It’s copy & paste, and not in your face selling!  Check out what @jasmine.ghuman03 does in all her posts! She tells her audience what they want to know anyway, the tools that she’s using, and offers them a sweet surprise 10% discount! Her followers love her for it too!

Post a selfie with your brushes!

People love people, and if people have come to love your work through Instagram, and you’ve built up a good relationship with them just by posting art, you can bet that they’d love to see the artist behind the art.

So post a selfie, talk about your favourite brushes, and share your exclusive discount code, and spread the love, just like @mayacoronaart has here!



Have a blog? Write a list of your go-to recommended art tools!

When it comes to selling, it’s all about providing value, so including a list of what equipment you use to create your art over on your blog, is a great idea. It’s also another opportunity to share your discount code.

Also if you have an email list, you can email them about your latest blog post, or simply introduce them to some of the tutorials that you’ve been creating :-)


Here’s some promotional images, videos & captions we’ve created, ready for you to post directly to your Social Media! You can download these directly from the following folder.


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