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We're looking for an experienced Project Manager who can efficiently manage projects with initiative. We are an established Arts & Crafts brand, currently expanding into the world of Beauty, and you’ll be the project manager & team leader of some of our most exciting beauty projects throughout 2023.


You’ll be at the fore-front of developing influencer relationships, communicating with suppliers, placing orders and overseeing product launches & promotions. You’ll have excellent communication skills, and be able to run projects with initiative. You’ll be able to take a project from conception to completion, which will involve product research & design, communicating with team members, and planning promotions and copy.

You will have the freedom to work when it suits you. This is a full-time remote role. We want someone who is completely dedicated to working solely with us. It’s important that you have NO OTHER part time jobs or commitments.


You're talkative, fun, engaging and you love to solve problems! It would be a huge plus if you're an artist, or a beauty lover but that's not a deal breaker. Graphic design and copywriting skills are a bonus, but not essential. The most important thing is that you're a great communicator with excellent English skills, and have a creative mind.

If that sounds like you, we would love you to join our team!


  • You're a people person.

  • You're a great communicator.

  • You're a great Project Manager.

  • You're Organized.


  • You're an Artist, who loves to paint.

  • You’re a Beauty lover.

  • You're a Graphic Designer.

  • You're a Copywriter.


Shopify, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Photoshop / Illustrator, WeChat, WhatsApp, Alibaba, Google Drive, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok.


To plan, monitor, manage and deliver collaboration projects with Make Up artists.


  1. To research suitable candidates to become Craftamo collaborators, based on predetermined criteria.

  2. To approach the possible collaborators with an offer.

  3. If they agree to collaborate, send them products to test for quality.

  4. Send a contract outlining all requirements.

  5. To work with them to develop product specification.

  6. To progress the sourcing, ordering and delivery of brush sets.

  7. To familiarize yourself with marketing requirements and discuss with collaborators.

  8. To deliver finished products to the fulfillment warehouse and monitor stocks and sales on an ongoing basis.


  1. To deliver one collaboration project per month.

  2. To ensure collabs are successful in selling the initial order of 500 products.

  3. To ensure timely agreed production, delivery and launch dates.

  4. To liaise appropriately in a timely manner with supplier, fulfillment team and collaborators.


  • $7.00/hr - 35 hrs/week

  • $1000 performance bonus for every collaboration product launch.


If you're interested in applying for this role, please record a quick video message (just as if you're posting a story to your Instagram audience) telling us your name, age, where you come from and why you would like to work for Craftamo! Send this video, along with your CV to: