Free Product Promotion


Dear Artist,

You have been selected as one of 10 lucky artists to participate in Craftamo's free product promotion.

Not only that, but you’ll also be entitled to receive free or discounted products from us in the future when we release new products!

We have just launched some of our latest products on Amazon, and we are super excited about it! Craftamo produce cruelty free, eco-friendly art supplies, and we’re certain that you will love using them!
The products won’t cost you a cent, but there is a certain process that you will need to follow in order to receive your new set.

In order to claim your new product you will need to purchase via Amazon.

We will email you the link/s to our new Amazon product/s, and all you need to do is add them to your shopping cart, purchase the item/s, and make sure it ships to your residence.

Then you need to forward us your receipt and we will reimburse you for the full purchase price and even your shipping if they charge you for it - so the products will be 100% free!


What’s in it for you?

100% free art products to try, test and treasure for life! We’re certain you’ll love them.

What’s in it for us?

We know that getting more sales can achieve higher visibility on Amazon.  It’s very competitive, and when Amazon see people buying a new product, we heard that it exposes it to more people.  So we're running this as a new marketing technique, which hopefully will improve our visibility online, whilst also getting our products into the hands of our target market.

We’d also like you to enjoy using our products of course, create great art, and hopefully say great things about us on Social Media, and tell all your friends, family and colleagues.

It's very common for companies to give away samples of products to their target market in order for them to test, and review.


How Do I Know I’ll Receive My Reimbursement?

We are an established company with a solid reputation in the USA & UK, but we're only just rolling out our products across parts of the EU.  We’re a company looking to grow, and build a great reputation for excellent products and excellent customer service, trying out new marketing techniques to help us reach a greater audience.  We wouldn’t want to harm this in any way - our reputation is our foundation to a solid brand.

So we can 100% assure you that you will receive a full reimbursement for your purchase.

Take a look at some of our reviews from our previous Amazon customers:

When Will I Receive My Reimbursement? 

We aim to reimburse you within 24 hours from the time we receive your receipt.  Please forward your receipt to  


How Will I Receive My Reimbursement?

The quickest, safest, and easiest way to receive your reimbursement is via PayPal.  Please provide us with your PayPal email address, and we will transfer your reimbursement within 24 hours after receiving your Amazon purchase receipt.


What Happens Next?

Please respond to our email to let us know if you're participating. Then, look for our email with the private Amazon link to arrive in your email inbox very soon. If you could make sure to purchase as soon as possible after you receive the link, we would really appreciate it!
Kind Regards,