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Liesl's Artistic Studio X Craftamo

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Limited Edition Collaboration
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Introducing the Liesl's Artistic Studio X Craftamo Limited Edition Artist Brush Collaboration, featuring five of Liesl's most beloved brush shapes and sizes, all beautifully presented within an exclusive Liesl original gift box.

Designed for versatility and precision, our 100% cruelty-free brush hair offers the perfect amount of control that Liesl demands for her watercolor paintings. Paired with recycled gun metal ferrules and sleek matte white handles, this stunningly unique brush set not only captivates with its aesthetic appeal but also delivers exceptional performance.

About the Artist

Liesl is a talented artist living in a small rural town in Utah, nestled at the base of a mountain. While she enjoys painting with acrylics and oils, her true passion lies in watercolors, with a particular love for painting florals. Liesl's journey with watercolors began 18 years ago, and despite initial struggles, her determination and perseverance have transformed it into her favorite medium. She firmly believes that anyone can master watercolors with the right effort and dedication, a belief that fuels her enthusiasm for teaching watercolor painting on YouTube.

For over two years, Liesl has shared her love for watercolors and drawing through her YouTube tutorials, helping others discover the joy and satisfaction of creating their own artwork. Her dedication to art has earned her accolades such as "Best of Show," "Honorable Mention," and "Judges Choice" awards. In addition to her teaching, Liesl has illustrated four children's books and a book of poetry, with a sixth project currently in progress. Amid all her artistic achievements, Liesl treasures her role as a mother to her four wonderful children above all.

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✔ 5 Brushes
✔ Round - Sizes 3, 6, & 10
✔ Angle - Size ¼”
✔ Rigger - Size 1


✔ Cruelty-Free Taklon Brush Hair
✔ Recycled Gun Metal Brass Ferrules
✔ Matte White Wooden Handles


Watercolor Painting