8 Fun and Simple Paper Craft Ideas


We love making paper craft projects here at Craftamo as there's simply so much you can do with this art supply staple. From making kid's crafts to constructing usable everyday items, this material can really go a long way!

Want to start a project of your own, but don't know what to make? Not to worry - we're sharing eight fun and simple paper craft ideas from some of our favorite blogs! Check them all out below:


1. DIY Polka Dot Nursery Mobile: A great project for people with babies on the way! 

Paper Craft Ideas

(Source: StickelBerry)


2. DIY Heart Page Marker: Fold away to make this simple paper craft project

Simple Paper Crafts

(Source: Bloomize)

3. Tissue Paper Poppies: Decorate your home with beautiful handmade tissue paper crafts

tissue paper crafts

(Source: Lia Griffith)

4. DIY Origami Envelopes: Make your own customized stationary envelopes 

simple paper crafts

(Source: The Yuppie Lifestyle)

5. DIY Tissue Paper Artwork: Can you believe this minimalist artwork is made from tissue paper?

paper craft projects

(Source: Design Sponge)

6. DIY Paper Lanterns: Light up your home with this amazing paper craft project

paper craft projects

(Source: Mottes Blog)

7. DIY Paper Fruit Fans: Fun and simple paper craft project you can make with the kids!

Paper Craft Ideas

(Source: The Idea Room)

8. Handmade Paper Basket: Get weaving!

newspaper craft

(Source: South by North)

Did you like our list of paper craft ideas? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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