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Emma Lefebvre, an artist hailing from Ontario, Canada, spreads joy through her vibrant watercolour tutorials on YouTube. Her unique artistic journey began in 2016 when she reignited her passion for painting. From cheerful watercolour backgrounds to mastering florals and calligraphy, her creative evolution is a colourful tale of constant learning. Emma's boundless creativity invites you into a world where every brushstroke tells a story.

Emma Lefebvre X Craftamo
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Sarah Burns is a traditional artist specialising in painting landscapes, and teaching others how to draw and paint. Residing in Scotland, but born & raised in America, her videos range from painting tutorials, to art business advice, to fun nature adventures in her Scottish hometown - which also happens to provide her with a vast array of inspiration for her landscape paintings. Our collaboration with Sarah provides a wonderful entry into the world of Gouache.

Sarah Burns Studio X Craftamo
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Joni Young is a self-taught artist based in Vancouver Island. She has been painting and teaching art for over 25 years now and specialises in the fun and versatile medium of acrylic paint. Her passion for creating and teaching art shows through her wonderful painting tutorials which have almost 18 million views on YouTube.

Joni Young X Craftamo
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Diane Antone, born in London, is passionate about helping others find joy in watercolor painting. Her YouTube channel, with millions of viewers, showcases her diverse paintings inspired by the natural world. Diane's Craftamo brushes, created in collaboration with Craftamo, enhance her own art and offer exciting possibilities for every painter.

Diane Antone X Craftamo
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HamRib is a talented Filipino artist who specializes in gouache & watercolor. Her impressive repertoire consists of striking portraits of female characters from pop culture in film & animation. You can find her artworks on YouTube, Instagram, and Patreon where she provides her audience a behind-the-scenes look into how she creates her stunning masterpieces.

HamRib Art X Craftamo
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Helen (Rae) Campbell, an award-winning botanical artist and watercolour tutor, passionately makes art accessible to all. Through her YouTube channel & Patreon, she employs a unique 'learn to paint as you paint' method, embodying the artistic community spirit to boost confidence & guide individuals on their painting journey, one brush stroke at a time.

Helen Rae Campbell X Craftamo
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John Correa, the creative force behind Correa Art, is a traditional artist and YouTuber from the Philippines. Specializing in mesmerizing landscapes using acrylic paints, his tutorials make it easy for you to recreate his artistic magic. Through his YouTube channel, John shares his passion for acrylics and the beauty of landscapes, captivating audiences worldwide.

Correa Art X Craftamo
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Shie Sison, a former Interior Designer turned freelance designer and illustrator, is the creative force behind Sison Designs. Her organic and playful style, achieved with watercolors, gouache, colored pencils, and digital tools, brings a sassy feel to her work. The pseudonym "SISON DESIGNS" combines her surname and passion, aiming to pass on creativity to her talented child.

Sison Designs X Craftamo
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Jess Chung, a skilled traditional artist, specializes in mesmerizing Gouache landscapes. As a YouTuber and Skillshare teacher, she generously shares unique techniques, aligning her passion for teaching with Gouache mastery. Through engaging tutorials, Jess fosters a vibrant artistic community around her enchanting landscapes, with her gentle and captivating approach.

Jess Chung X Craftamo
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Portuguese illustrator Filipa Santos (AKA Pypah!) is an animation student in Manchester, UK. As the YouTuber behind 'Pypah's Art,' she has nearly 1 million followers, known for her warm approach and creative character design. Pypah, passionate about sushi, tea, crochet, comic books, and candles, cherishes her art supplies, particularly paint, brushes, and colored pencils.

Pypah's Art X Craftamo
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Tina, aka I'm A Wonder, is a Toronto-based illustrator and content creator using diverse mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, and colored pencils. Her vibrant works feature strong, feminine portraits inspired by pop culture and fashion. Tina shares her colorful art on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, providing insights into her process and connecting with her audience.

I'm A Wonder X Craftamo
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Alma Luna (aka SoulRoho) is a talented illustrator from Mexico whose anime art and character design tutorials have garnered a massive amount of views on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Her beautiful characters and vibrant design aesthetic truly make her an exciting and influential artist to follow, inspiring creativity worldwide with her unique colours and creative designs.

Alma Luna X Craftamo
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Eric Yi Lin, a Washington-based watercolor artist, creates art to connect people with memories. As a fine artist and video game developer, he uses watercolor for its gentle, nostalgic quality. Married to Betty with three boys, Eric enjoys being an Artist/YouTuber, bringing joy through both family and creative endeavors.

Eric Yi Lin X Craftamo
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FX Freak (aka Lauren) is a skilled face and body artist known for transforming herself into various monsters and characters using vibrant face paint. Her captivating transformations showcase both technical expertise and imaginative storytelling on TikTok, Instagram & YouTube, making her a standout in the world of transformative artistry.

FX Freak X Craftamo
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Lindsay Weirich, with over two decades of art teaching experience, reaches thousands through her blog and YouTube channel, The Frugal Crafter, boasting over half a million subscribers. Her designs, featured in various publications, include illustrations for two children's books. Living in Maine with her husband and three children.

Lindsay Weirich X Craftamo
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Gretel Lusky is an exceptionally talented illustrator & comic artist who has designed countless illustrations for the likes of DC & Marvel. Her work is stunning & unique, so together with Craftamo, Gret designed the perfect artist brush set to match her style, suitable for multi-medium painting, including watercolour, acrylics & gouache paint.

Gretel Lusky X Craftamo
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Ryan O'Rourke, a Canadian traditional artist and YouTuber, uses acrylic paints to craft stunning landscapes. His goal is to boost your confidence in painting while providing a relaxed and informative experience. Through tutorials, he guides beginners to replicate his results, covering diverse landscapes to ensure continuous learning.

Ryan O'rourke X Craftamo
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Myriam Tillson, a UK-based illustrator and fine artist, creates dark and surreal illustrations using watercolor, gouache, and ink. Her work explores the complexities of human relationships, expressing a deep love for life intertwined with fear and doubt. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading fantasy novels, playing video games, and taking long walks in nature.

Myriam Tillson X Craftamo
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