Meet the Team

The Brush Whisperer

As the leader of Craftamo, Dan plays a pivotal role in guiding the company toward success and growth.  He spearheads the executive team and collaborates closely with department heads to shape the company's future. His strategic decision-making skills, combined with a keen sense of innovation, have propelled Craftamo to new heights in the industry.

As President & CEO, and our very own 'Brush Whisperer', Dan is dedicated to nurturing a corporate culture that values creativity, excellence, and integrity. He is deeply involved in fostering strong relationships with partners, stakeholders, and customers, ensuring that Craftamo remains a trusted and innovative force in its field.

Dan reveals his artistic side by playing the piano, capturing the beauty of the world through photography and videography, and even showcasing his nimbleness by juggling.

Fun Fact: Dan can juggle.

The Picasso of Finance

As the Chief Finance Officer at Craftamo, Sue holds a critical position within the company's leadership team. Sue's role extends beyond the traditional financial responsibilities; she is the financial steward and strategist, guiding Craftamo toward a prosperous future.

Sue's contributions as Craftamo's financial leader extend beyond numbers and balance sheets; they are about securing the company's future and ensuring it thrives. Her role is pivotal in ensuring that Craftamo remains financially strong and poised for success in the ever-evolving business landscape

When the workday ends, she finds relaxation and pleasure in savoring a glass of Sangria. This reflects not only her taste for the finer things but also her balanced approach to life. Sue's passions encompass the world of literature, the artistry of calligraphy, and the occasional cerebral challenge with Sudoku puzzles.

Fun Fact: Sue has an uncanny knack for turning any office space into a mini indoor jungle - her green thumb magic even keeps the notoriously finicky ferns thriving!

The Monet of Collaboration Management

Eryne is not just responsible for managing the brand's collaborations; she is the driving force behind ongoing projects and initiatives that ensure Craftamo's brand remains dynamic and ever-evolving. From project planning to finished production, she spearheads the creative process, ensuring that each project aligns with Craftamo's brand strategy and overall mission.

Eryne's role is a testament to Craftamo's dedication to its brand and the understanding that a dynamic and evolving brand is essential in today's ever-changing market. Her ability to merge creativity with strategy ensures that Craftamo remains at the forefront of its industry and continues to launch successful projects, all while upholding its brand identity.

Fun Fact: Eryne's idea of relaxation involves indulging in horror movies... spooky right!?

Artistic Operations Coordinator

Elisa plays a vital role in identifying, connecting with, and nurturing potential business opportunities. Her keen eye for promising leads and her commitment to building relationships contribute to Craftamo's growth and success.

Her capacity to juggle multiple responsibilities is awe-inspiring. Whether it's coordinating with vendors, organizing company events, or handling critical administrative functions, she does it all with grace and efficiency. Her impeccable organizational skills ensure that Craftamo runs like a well-oiled machine.

Beyond her professional excellence, Elisa's personal story is truly remarkable. She stands as a symbol of perseverance and dedication. Balancing a demanding career with the responsibilities of parenthood is no small feat.

Fun Fact: She can sing Beyonce's 'Listen' pitch perfect!

Head of Customer Happiness

As the Head of Customer Happiness, Karen's primary mission is to guarantee that no customer-related concern goes unaddressed. She meticulously monitors and manages every aspect of customer interactions, from inquiries and feedback to resolution. Her attention to detail, empathy, and dedication to customer happiness set a high standard for the entire organization.

Karen's role as Head of Customer Happiness represents Craftamo's unwavering commitment to putting customers first and ensuring their happiness. Her dedication and love for travel embody the balance between professional excellence and personal passions that make Craftamo an extraordinary company.

Fun Fact: She was a softball player during her University years.

Legal Custodian of Creativity

In his capacity as the Chief Legal Officer at Craftamo, Andrew is the guardian of the legal landscape within the organization. As the Advocacy Director and Legal Strategist, he skillfully navigates the complex legal terrain, ensuring that Craftamo operates within the bounds of the law while pursuing its goals with conviction.

Andrew's legal expertise extends beyond traditional responsibilities; he plays a central role in shaping Craftamo's legal strategies, advocating for its interests, and safeguarding the company's integrity. His legal acumen is instrumental in mitigating risks and providing sound legal counsel that supports the company's growth and innovation.

Outside of his professional life, Andrew is known for his love of walking and his appreciation for a well-brewed cup of tea. These interests provide him with a balance that mirrors his approach to his role - a steady, deliberate pace, and a taste for the finer things.

Fun fact: Andrew is very hands on, and can fix almost anything. With Andrew around, nothing stays broken for long! 


Thea's work is a symphony of artistic innovation and meticulous craftsmanship. She is the mastermind behind the captivating visuals that adorn Craftamo's products. Her creative eye, honed through years of experience, transforms ideas into visually engaging designs that leave a lasting impact on customers and clients alike.

Thea's commitment to delivering appealing and visually captivating designs is unwavering. She ensures that each product, from inception to completion, is a work of art in its own right. Her work is a testament to Craftamo's dedication to quality and excellence, as she continually raises the bar for design standards.

Fun Fact: Thea is constantly drawing portraits of her team mates!

The Van Gogh of Visuals & Engagement

As our in-house Artist & Social Media Marketing Specialist, Andrea is a key contributor to our digital marketing team, responsible for planning, executing, and optimizing social media campaigns that elevate our brand presence and engage our target audience. Andrea brings blend of creativity, with her speciality in Acrylic Paintings, with strategic thinking, and technical proficiency to drive successful Social Media initiatives aligned with our company's marketing goals.

Fun Fact: Used to join auditions in Television commercials and shows.

The Collaboration Orchestrator

Meet Daphne, the creative coordinator behind Craftamo's collaborative ventures. With a keen eye for talent, she scours the landscape to find the perfect collaborators who align with our vision. But her role doesn't stop there. Daphne dives deep into the creative process, working side by side with collaborators to breathe life into product that exceed expectations. With Daphne on the team, she adds a new dimension to Craftamo's collaborative efforts creativity and driving success.

Fun Fact: Daphne is mixed-handed, a trait found in only about 1% of the population, allowing her to use different hands for different tasks.