We are Craftamo! A passionate and creative art supplies company, who like to do things a little differently. We meticulously research, design and create our products with tremendous attention to detail, so that Craftamo artists worldwide are always hungry for more!

Back in 2014, we were shocked to discover how animal hair brushes are cruelly manufactured. That’s why we’re so proud to be cruelty free! Meaning no animals are harmed (ever!) during the production of our products.

We were also just as shocked to discover that we’re losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually, that’s the equivalent to 27 soccer fields, every minute. That’s why we strive to protect the Earth in any way we can by being environmentally friendly & more conscious of how our manufacturing processes & products impact the world we live in.

Though it might take more time and cost more money, we are actively doing our best to source eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and sustainable materials wherever possible - like our ethically sourced sustainable wood & bamboo handles, and synthetic brush hair we use for our paint brushes!

Teamed with great Artists like yourself, we help you do what you were born to do - create art that will be treasured by future generations. We provide the quality tools & techniques needed to craft, create and escape from reality, allowing you to refine your skills and let your creativity run wild.

Our products are high quality, yet affordable, and designed for those who find value in quality products, great service, and a great brand experience. Based in The UK, but shipping worldwide, we are excited to bring Craftamo to more customers in more countries around the world.


In January 2016, the company was forced to rebrand following a trademark refusal for it’s former name, CubeCraft. After many hours brainstorming hundreds of brand name ideas, Craftamo was finally born, and well on its way to becoming well known within the Arts & Crafts world.

Craftamo literally translates to “I Love Crafts” because “Amo” means “Love” in Latin.

Our tagline, “Let Your Creativity Run Wild”, ties in perfectly with our brand logo; which is a fox leaping forward, but looking backwards to form the shape of a heart within the void between its head and the curve of its tail. This relates to the word “Amo” within our brand name, to represent our love for crafts, whilst also creatively doubling up as an artist's paint palette.



It is our belief that every company, no matter how big or small, should strive to protect the Earth in any way they can by being environmentally friendly and more conscious of how manufacturing processes and products impact the world we live in.

While creating high quality arts and crafts supplies that people can enjoy is our top priority, it’s also important to us to achieve this without harming the environment. Though it might take more time and cost more money, we are actively doing our best to source eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and sustainable materials wherever possible.

In 2019 we released our Eco-Bamboo brush range, featuring renewable bamboo handles, recycled & recyclable rose-gold brass ferrules, and synthetic, cruelty-free brush hair! Our most eco artist brushes yet! 

As artists and crafters ourselves, we are committed to protecting the planet and creating a safe and sustainable environment today and for future generations.



Yes, we’re cruelty-free.  But what does that really mean?  Why is this important to us? You’ve probably heard of “real hair” paint brushes like sable or kolinsky. These types of brushes have been used for decades.  However, do you know about the manufacturing process behind these types of brushes? We’ll spare you the graphic details, but animals such as sables, kolinskies, hogs, martens, minks (the list goes on) are trapped, killed, or specifically farmed for their fur.

We sincerely disagree with these inhumane practices.  That’s why we make doubly sure that Craftamo only produces cruelty-free, synthetic brushes, and guarantee that no animals are ever harmed during our manufacturing processes. We're also Cruelty-Free & Vegan registered with PeTA!

As artists, we regularly draw inspiration from nature, so you can bet that we’ll go to great lengths to protect and preserve it.  In fact, we actually prefer synthetic brushes since these possess qualities and benefits that surpass those found in real hair brushes.  While some artists may disagree, we believe that whatever you can create with a real hair brush, you can create even better with a cruelty-free Craftamo brush!  



  • Craftamo uses sustainably sourced wood for all brush handles and pencils. This is extremely important to us as only 8% of the world’s forests are properly protected from destruction.

  • Taking a further step to protect our environment, our brush range, BAMBOO, utilises bamboo handles, rather than wood, sourced from renewable sources.

  • We use recycled and recyclable materials & packaging for our products whenever possible.

  • We test our paints and inks to ensure they are non-toxic and don't give off any harmful chemicals during use.



Craftamo is actively working with wholesalers around the world to bring our products closer to your home. If you're a retailer, studio, or run workshops & painting classes, please CONTACT US, we'd love to hear from you. 

We encourage you to look over more than just our products, but really get involved with our creativity hubHere, you’ll find useful tips and tutorials for all kinds of great arts and crafts projects.  Like all other artists, we love growing and evolving, so please check back frequently. In the meantime, let your creativity run wild!