Recreating Chip the Cat with Emma Lefebvre X craftamo Brush Set

If you're a fan of adorable feline characters and love to dive into the world of digital art, you're in for a treat! Remember Chip the Cat from the previous collaboration between Emma Lefebvre and Bryce Howard? Well, get ready to bring Chip back to life with a new twist using the Emma Lefebvre X Craftamo Brush Set.

In this blog post, we'll explore how you can recreate Chip the Cat, step by step, using the versatile brushes from the Emma Lefebvre X Craftamo collection. But before we dive into the creative process, let's talk a bit about what makes this brush set so special.

About Emma Lefebvre X Craftamo Brush Set:

Craftamo, known for its quality , cruelty-free art supplies teamed up with watercolour artist Emma Lefebvre to create a brush set tailored for watercolour artists of all levels. The set includes a wide variety of brushes that Emma Lefebvre chose.



Get your hands on Emma Lefebvre X Craftamo Brush Set and start creating your own masterpiece? Head over to to purchase the brush set.

Watch the video on recreating Chip the Cat here:

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