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Limited Edition Collaboration

The Doodle Traffic X Craftamo limited edition artist brush collaboration delivers seven of Gaby's most loved brush shapes & sizes, beautifully presented within a Doodle Traffic original gift box.

Our 100% cruelty-free brush hair provides the perfect amount of control that Gaby expects from her brushes. Combining this with recycled copper ferrules, and black matte handles has resulted in a stunningly unique brush set that delivers exceptional performance.

About the Artist

Gabriela Niko (aka Doodle Traffic) a freelance illustrator and content creator residing in Poland, brings a unique blend of creativity and design to her work. With a background in Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, she brings nearly a decade of experience as a Sports Apparel Designer. 

At a turning point in her life, she shifted from the corporate realm to wholeheartedly devote herself to her deep-seated passion for art. Gabriela's artistic journey took a significant turn in November 2018 when she discovered the captivating realm of sketchbook art. Since then, she has diligently honed her skills through daily practice, embracing both traditional and digital mediums.

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✔ 7 Brushes
✔ Rigger - Size 1"
✔ Dagger (Travel) - Size 1/4
✔ Flat - Size 4"
✔ Round (Travel) - Size 12"
✔ Filbert - Size 8"
✔ Round - Size 16"
✔ Flat - Size 10"


✔ Cruelty-Free Taklon Brush Hair
✔ Recycled Copper Ferrules
✔ Matte Black Wooden Handles


✔ Watercolour Painting
✔ Gouache Painting