Karen Cheok X Craftamo

Karen Cheok X Craftamo

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Limited Edition Collaboration
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Step into the enchanting world of the Karen Cheok X Craftamo Limited Edition Brush Collaboration, where the ethereal beauty of her mind comes to life on canvas! This magical set unveils five of Karen's most cherished brush shapes and sizes, each carefully nestled within the exquisite Karen Cheok original gift box.

Crafted with Craftamo's signature 100% cruelty-free brush hair, these brushes offer the precise control and finesse that Karen demands for her paintings. With gunmetal gray ferrules, matte black handles, and a mystical ombre of lilac and black bristles, this brush set brings her imagination to life.

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding artistry of Karen Cheok as you wield these brushes, each stroke bringing to life the enchanting landscapes and endearing moments. With exceptional performance and an aura of otherworldly charm, the Karen Cheok X Craftamo brush collaboration is a must-have for artists who seek to weave their own tales of magic and wonder on the canvas.

About the Artist

Step into the vibrant world of Karen Cheok, also known as daixykaren in her online realms, a talented mixed media artist hailing from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a palette as diverse as her imagination, Karen captivates viewers with her colorful renditions of sceneries, and abstract compositions. Karen's artistic journey transcends boundaries as she fearlessly explores a multitude of mediums. With a passion for experimentation, Karen's portfolio predominantly features mixed media paintings, a testament to her boundless creativity and willingness to embrace artistic diversity.

Through her captivating brushstrokes, Karen transports her audience to a kaleidoscopic realm where every hue tells a story, and every stroke evokes emotion. Whether painting whimsical landscapes, her artwork resonates with a sense of wonder and nostalgia. Join Karen on her creative journey as she shares glimpses of her colorful world on YouTube and Instagram.

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✔ 5 Brushes
✔ Rigger - Size 2 & 4
✔ Round - Size 4 & 6
✔ Flat - Size 18


✔ Cruelty-Free Taklon Brush Hair
✔ Recycled Gun Metal Gray Brass Ferrules
✔ Matte Black Handles


✔ Gouache Painting
✔ Acrylic Painting
✔ Watercolor Painting
✔ Mixed Media