Kiara in the Forest X Craftamo

Kiara in the Forest X Craftamo

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Limited Edition Collaboration

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Step into the enchanting world of the Kiara in the Forest X Craftamo Limited Edition Artist Brush Collaboration, where magic meets creativity! This wondrous set unveils seven of Kiara's most cherished brush shapes and sizes, each nestled within a Kiara in the Forest original gift box.

Immerse yourself in the ethereal experience of painting with brushes that utlise 100% cruelty-free brush hair, crafted to embody the very essence of Kiara's whimsical vision. With their recycled gold ferrules and green handles reminiscent of forest foliage, these brushes weave a tale of unparalleled artistry, ensuring every stroke is imbued with the enchantment of the forest realm.

Embark on a journey of boundless creativity as you wield these magical tools, channeling Kiara's spirit of wonder and imagination with every brushstroke. Let the Kiara in the Forest X Craftamo brush set transport you to a realm where dreams take flight and fantasies come to life, painting a picture as mesmerizing as the pages of a fairytale.

About the Artist

Kiara Maharaj, is an enchanting fantasy illustrator affectionately known as Kiara in the Forest, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of South Africa. With a paintbrush as her wand and a palette of mediums including gouache and ink, Kiara conjures wondrous worlds that beckon to the imagination.

Traverse through the portals of her artwork, where whimsical creatures and fantastical landscapes await. Follow her mystical journey on Instagram, YouTube, and Patreon, where she unveils the secrets behind her mesmerizing creations, inviting fellow adventurers to join her on a quest through the enchanted forests of her imagination.

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✔ 7 Brushes
✔ Round - Size 0, 2, 10
✔ Flat - Size 2,8
✔ Angle - Size 2
✔ Rigger - Size 0


✔ Cruelty-Free Taklon Brush Hair
✔ Recycled Gold Brass Ferrules
✔ Matte Dark Spring Green and Forest Green Wooden Handles


✔ Gouache Painting