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Limited Edition Collaboration

The This Writing Desk X Craftamo limited edition artist brush collaboration delivers six of Kolbie's most loved brush shapes & sizes, beautifully presented within a This Writing Desk original gift box.

Our 100% cruelty-free brush hair provides the perfect amount of control that Kolbie expects from her brushes. Combining this with recycled silver ferrules, and glossy moonlit ocean blue handles has resulted in a stunningly unique brush set that delivers exceptional performance.

About the Artist

Kolbie Blume (aka This Writing Desk) knows how hard it is to call yourself an artist! After quitting art at age 10, it took 15 years to stop listening to perfectionism and start unleashing her inner artist. Formerly a writer at the White House during the Obama era, Kolbie discovered the transformative power of watercolor, challenging self-imposed limits and finally finding freedom in making a mess. Shifting from "I wish" to "why not," Kolbie embraced a creative entrepreneurial life, leaving behind the 9-5 grind in favor of making and teaching art. Three books, dozens of online classes, and thousands of students later, Kolbie's story proves embracing imperfections unlocks endless creative potential.

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✔ 6 Brushes
✔ Round - Size 2 & 8
✔ Round Mop - Size 16
✔ Rigger - Size 2
✔ Flat - Size 8
✔ Angle - Size 1/2"


Cruelty-Free Taklon Brush Hair
✔ Recycled Silver Ferrules
✔ Moonlit Ocean Blue Wooden Handles


Watercolor Painting