Craftamo Premium Watercolour Paper

Craftamo Premium Watercolour Paper

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Introducing Craftamo's Watercolour Paper.

Elevate your watercolour painting experience with our Premium Grade Watercolour Paper Pad, available in A4 (Pack of 5) and A5 (Pack of 4) sizes. Crafted with the discerning artist in mind, o
ur 300gsm watercolour paper will surpass your expectations and outperform your current go-to paper brand by far.

Please note: This is the paper we use in all our Subscription Boxes.

Say NO to Wood Pulp! Our paper uses 100% cotton, resulting in the very best professional quality cotton paper meaning your work will stand the test of time.

Our paper is always acid-free meaning it will retain it's colour for years ahead, allowing the pigment of your watercolour paints to excel.

Providing the very best painting surface for any level of watercolour artist, our cold pressed paper offers a fine texture (see photo) adding an extra professional touch to your paintings.

A4 & A5 SIZE
Choose between our A4 size paper pack, containing 5 sheets, or our A5 size paper pack, containing 4 sheets. Whether you prefer a larger canvas for your artwork or a more compact option, we have you covered.